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Adults + Booze = Bedwetting? Here’s Why It Happens to You – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic
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How can drinking too much alcohol cause you to involuntarily urinate in your sleep? Find out about adult bedwetting or what scientists call nocturnal enuresis.
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Encourage others to start talking and gain control of their bladder health!
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Bedwetting (sleep enuresis) in Adults: Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment
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What Are the Causes of Adult Bed Wetting?
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What Causes Bed-Wetting in Adults, and How Can You Treat It?
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A lot of folks think bed-wetting is something that only happens to kids, but it's a problem that can hit grown-ups, too.
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At least 1 percent of adults suffer from a bed wetting problem, which is also known as nocturnal enuresis. The cause of bed wetting in adults is not always clear, but an array of medical, physical or emotional problems may contribute to this condition.
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