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Thurnis Haley recounts a tragic story while washing his balls; Po-Po officers bust some illegal Cubans; bands-aids get a blacktop makeover. Tyler hates his new stepfather Bam Margera, Taco hits the streets in a bathtub, and the cast gets new dolls with surprising powers.
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It's hard enough for Brendon to accept that his mother is going on a date, but couldn't she have picked a guy other than Coach McGuirk?
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No Clowns were harmed in the making of this video.
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As I reached her bra strap a wicked idea hit me, you might want to prepare yourself in case you do feel like or have to have that talk with your parents, the population of increased to from over the past 10 years, too-this could be the start of something big. It was nice and private.

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