Asian style farmville farms


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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. But then there are some beloved games that weren't so much inspired by other games as they were the exact game, with a minor paint job.
Despite a dearth of Chinese-language Facebook users — at under 15 million throughout the world, out of more than million — Chinese language games have been gaining ground in our weekly and monthly leaderboards of top Facebook games by growth.
From afar, the first FarmVille game on Facebook seemed to be a manipulative horror, a collection of psychological tricks that preyed on our desire to find something predictable in life.
FarmVille 2: Limited Edition Items
Image - Asian Rosewood
There is no description yet. It was a reward for finishing Jade Falls Chapter
The Barbeque Rosemary stems make great skewers! Now available in your General Store!
The Asian Pear is a tree in FarmVille. Though extraordinarily expensive for a coin tree, it repaid its high cost after only 36 harvests.
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